Real Estate Tax Information

Real estate/personal property taxes:

The Town of Northport tax bills are mailed to property owners, usually in July of each year, and are due in two installments:  September 30th for the first payment, and then March 1st for the second payment.  Taxes may also be paid in full upon receipt or anytime before the due dates with interest accruing.  Interest is charged on the unpaid balance beginning on the day after those dates.  The amount of interest to be charged is set by the residents at the annual town meeting.

Please have your bill(s) or account number(s) with your payment to ensure proper credit to your account.  We welcome partial payments on all currect accounts as payments may be made at any time.

For 2020 property tax information, click this link.

For 2019 property tax information, click this link.

For 2018 property tax information, click this link.

For 2017 property tax information, click this link.

Maine Resident Property Tax and Rent Refund forms:

Click this link to download forms or visit website.

For applications for various tax relief exemption forms, click on the links below:

Blind Exemption Application

Farmland Exemption Application

Homestead Property Tax Exemption Application - Due by April 1st to be considered for that tax year.

Open Space Exemption Application

Tree Growth Exemption Application

Veterans Exemption Application

Veterans Widow/Widower Application

Parapalegic Veterans Exemption Application

Property Tax Abatement Application