Code Enforcement Office & Plumbing Permits


Code Enforcement Officea

The Code Enforcement Officer is in the town office every Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Telephone Number 338-3819 ext 5.

John Larson, Code Enforcement Officer

Toupie Rooney, Deputy Code Enforcement Officer, Addressing Agent

For various permits required for buildings in Norhtport, click here.

Plumbing Permits

Toupie Rooney, Plumbing Inspector

Maine State Plumbing Code requires an internal plumbing permit for the addition or relocation of any plumbing fixture. 

In addition, any new construction or replacement of any part thereof, requires a Subsurface Waste Water Disposal System designed by a site evaluator and permitted by the local plumbing inspector.

The permit fees vary based on each individual project.  Please contact the plumbing inspector with questions regarding the permit fees.

Maine Subsurface Wastewater Program

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