Ordinances, Permit Applications

Tax Abatement Application

and other misc. forms

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Administrative Ordinance

Alewife Ordinance

Building Permit Ordinance

Cemetery Ordinance

Dog Control Ordinance

E911 Ordinance

Emergency Management Ordinance

Floodplains Management Ordinance

Fireworks Ordinance

Harbor Ordinance

Local Food Sovereignty Ordinance

NVC Zoning Ordinance

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Site Plan Review Ordinance

Special Amusement Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Wind Energy Ordinance

Wireless Communications Ordinance


Asbestos Building Demolition Notification

Building Permit Application

Code Enforcement Fee Schedule

Demolition Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application - On Line Form

Driveway/Road Entrance Application

Home Occupation Application

Internal Plumbing Application

Internal Plumbing Application - On Line Form

Mooring Permits - 2019 New Permit Application

Property Tax Abatement Application

Road Opening Permit Application

Shoreland Permit Application

Site Plan Review Application

Site Plan Review Application - On Line Form

Sole Proprietor Certificate

Subdivision Application

Zoning Board of Appeals Request for Hearing Application

Other Forms:

Complaint Form

Other Documents

Planning Board By-Laws


Floodplains Maps

Land Use Maps

Shoreland Zoning Maps

NVC Zoning Map

Freedom of Access:

Freedom of Access Policy

Access of Public Records - Request Form